How many of you worry about your parents' financial future?

When I worry about them being financially stable I end up worrying the next second about my mental health as I imagine the hypothetical of supporting them. There is just too much drama and I have decided not to worry about them. But to remain on topic:

I know they are well off, here in USA or back in India, hell for a matter of fact I know they still own their apartment [$65,000 worth, its a lot in india] back in india, and atleast twice as many in fixed deposits and what not, with his job from india giving him monthly pension too!

But If I had to assist them, I will only to the extent where they really cannot do something or afford. But knowing my dad how much of money I dont wanna even think about it!!!

To give an example: His car needs new strut, all 4 of them, but he had one replaced when he bought it [used 2003 civic hybrid purchased in 2012.] This new 4 strut thingy, he is annoyed as to why it costs $800, after [apparently] finding out that the strut are $30 online. He spent 3 weeks researching that, bothered me to get more info. I told him you pay $150 I'll pay the rest, NOPES!!! He has no respect for other people's time or skills other than his own.

Currently he is forcing me to sign up with his Accountant for 2014 tax season to get $10 referral bonus, I have recieved one email a week for 3 weeks now. And knowing how nosy he is and that the guy is his indian friend, I'm pretty sure he wants to find my current salary.
Right now everything that is at the home that gives entertainment or makes life easy that he uses is bought by me , including a TV, HTPC, toaster, slow cooker, vacuum, mattresses, grill etc or gifted to him by other family to shut him up about whining or bothering them(the candle scent, he liked at my aunts place, he asked so many thousand questions, questions he could have answered it himself if he took a walk in store or looked up on internet that my aunt gifted him a set to shut him up)

I know for a fact he is smart and can do what needs to be done [he maxed out his 401k all the years he worked in USA which is 3 so far, has more in savings than my visa sposor who has been here for 20 years now].

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