How often do you throw away food bought at Costco?

I've thrown away bagels and the big tub of cream cheese a few times. The bagels were the Einstein bagels before they switched to the current ones, which are boiled, I think. The cream cheese would grow a green mold because I would conveniently forget about it. I only buy the big tub of cream cheese now if I'm making cheesecake or cheese danishes or a tender cinnamon roll dough.

I threw away a bottle of the Herdez guacamole sauce. There was only a little left and it tasted off. It's a bright sauce/dip and it goes well with a lot of things, even as a marinade.

Threw away a bag of brown rice because I'd left it in a warm place and something got into it or hatched.

Almost threw away some croissants a while back because they were overbaked, but ended up making croissant French toast with them. I think I got the recipe from Joshua W's YouTube channel.

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