How do I get over the fact that I will die one day?

DMT did it for me, specifically ayahuasca. It changed the whole goddamn playing field. It made me see mortality (particularly my own physical destruction by the hands of time) as a truly beautiful thing, and necessary. I've seen a lot of improvement in my emotional maturity and how I approach everything in general. I feel... Fearless, maybe? It will also likely help you a lot in your job as a software engineer. Perspective can become fluid, and I can only assume that would be valuable.

This christmas I told everyone in my family, individually, about the impact they have had on my life, what makes them a great person in my eyes, and why I love them, It has had positive and lasting effects. I talked to my wife about the growing lack of passion and closeness between us, we are in therapy and stemming a problem before it becomes an issue. I have been addressing all of the exact problems you finished your post with, but at the root. Comfort with yourself comes only after a whole lot of work. Want to live a happy life? Live like a happy man. Positive output brings positive input. etc.

I'm in my mid 30's, this is my mid-life crisis. Pretty non-destructive, and it has been a very pleasant experience overall. This is also a lot cheaper than a porsche!

I feel I have to finish with this disclaimer... It worked for me, but may not work for you. I'd say if it piques your interest, look into it, it's a lot safer than I was led to believe throughout my early life. Otherwise, Ignore me.

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