I need dating advice on dating men. Men constantly reject me when it comes to dating. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Hey I seen your post and I wanted to send you advice directly, you said you don't meet alot of guys in person, my advice as a man is to get involved with a community of some sort that is centered around something that you are passionate about, if you are passionate about adventure and travelling get a job that involves being on the road, if you like sports join a team, if you're passionate about charity, volunteer, if you believe in god explore your faith and beliefs. There's so much community out there, martial art, poetry, art, music, acting/drama, churches, temples, etc. Do what you love and build your own community! Organize meetings!

Go to where like minded people are or bring them to you :)

I'm sure you'll figure this out, there's no clock ticking down.

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