137 words What does this situation mean from a man’s point of view/perspective? 360 words MEN: You have a big crush on a girl... she has a bf though.... you find out she likes you back... what do you do? 166 words Men, what is your favorite poem or line of poetry? 133 words When did you start to feel like a man 153 words What has been the most obvious sign, that a girl was into you romantically or sexually, that you've missed? 220 words How do u construction guys get women? 164 words What is something you’ve done, big or small, that made a difference in someone else life? 158 words Has anyone been in a relationship/marriage where the wife or girlfriend suggested turning it into an open relationship/marriage, what happened and how did things turn out? 129 words Have you ever decided not to go out with someone you found attractive/likeable? Why? 135 words What makes you an alpha male? 171 words What is something you love about your significant other that you’ll never admit to them? 144 words Why so many straight men shame sexually active women when lack of potential hook ups is such a huge problem for men? 148 words As a man, what am I to expect from my partner giving birth? my partner is 8 months pregnant and I just realise I'm not really sure what I will do my end while they go into labour, people who have kids, what's it like, what did you do and how can I help best? many thanks!! 146 words How do you resist the urge to offer a solution when GF/wife is venting about some issue she is experiencing (work, friends, life, etc) for which you clearly see an easy fix? 290 words What is the most emotionally painful thing a woman did to you? 134 words IDK what to say 185 words What do you think is wrong with today's relationships? 138 words Tell me about a time when your significant other did a romantic gesture and you thought “This is too much” 122 words How many sexual partners draws the line when your trying to get to know a woman? 175 words What is something that makes you automatically respect someone?