397 words Would you ever be in a relationship with a girl you thought was stupid? Why or why not? 128 words When you got with your partner did you feel an instant spark or did it take time for it to feel right? 139 words What’s something you can learn about a girl that would make you instantly reject them no matter how much you liked them, why? 209 words What’s something that your brain cannot comprehend.. for the life of you? 140 words What behaviors in older men/family do you see that make you say "I'll never be like that?" 723 words What was the "I'm done" moment in your last relationship? 241 words Why does it bother people when an ugly guy says he "leaves women alone?" 211 words What are you starting to dislike more as you get older? 200 words How did you survive a heavily pregnant wife? 757 words What is the worst health scare you have gotten? 167 words Men of Reddit, what is the event that crushed you on the inside and that couldn’t admit it did to people around you? 125 words My bf (32M) is jobless and I don’t see any future with him. When do guys start to think about their future? 138 words I need dating advice on dating men. Men constantly reject me when it comes to dating. Is there something I'm doing wrong? 109 words Which toners and/or moisturizers do you slap onto your face? 210 words How long did it take to regret actions in a relationship? 155 words What life lesson did you learn the hard way? 161 words What does it mean when men tell you “you’re wife material” but no one dates you? 193 words Why are some people always single? 117 words How to you reconcile the conflicting narratives that women do not want to be approached by men anymore but also men are still expected to make the first move? 197 words Hypothetically: Why does it bother you, that a the girl you see, slept around a lot?