201 words How do guys deal with infatuation? 246 words At what point did you stop telling your close friends about your problems (venting) and started dealing with them alone because you felt like they have their own stuff going on too? 186 words How do i talk to my self conscious girlfriend about taking her clothes off during sex after 6 months? 125 words So I’ve been messing around with a few girls lately and is it weird that sex isn’t good? it doesn’t feel great and I just think I’m weird because when I was so young it used to be the one thing I always wanted to do and now that I’m doing it pretty much weekly it’s just not fun and not good. 124 words What would you do if a girl said your girlfriend is ugly in front of her and you? 221 words Men, what is a time where a woman made you feel very uncomfortable? 201 words How did you ever recover from abusive relationship with a woman? 187 words What’s the most over the top or out of the way thing you’ve done to get a girls attention? Did it work? 121 words American white people who grew up in the "ghetto" or "hood", what was that like, and how did your upbringing shape the way you think about race relations and politics today? 156 words Guys, how does your lady react when she finds out that you have muscles/abs? 200 words What's the worst thing someone did "for your benefit"? 174 words Men who had no say in their son or daughters name, what was the reasoning & how did that turn out for you? 294 words Men that used to be unfit but now exercise regularly, how'd you get your start? Any advice for someone who has hated sports and any kind of physical activity since toddlerhood? 139 words Am i the only one who imagines how they’d handle a group of people breaking into their house john wick style 147 words How do you text a guy you haven’t talked to in a while?? 241 words How do you start dating in your twenties if you never have before? 279 words Any guys that dont use facebook,Instagram,snapchat etc - how do you find not using it? 357 words Men who lost a parent, how did it change your view on life? 250 words Fellow comrades, what are the most obvious signs from women that you have missed and after a while you realised you were so dumb? 461 words What are the main issues keeping many of the single men today single?