137 words Men that gave up on relationships, what finally made you decide to? 187 words Are there really men who are physically attracted to obese women? If so, what is it that attracts you? 160 words What was running into your ex like while you were on a date with another girl? 169 words How do you learn to like yourself? 174 words What should girls do in a situation where the guy is a "loner"? 178 words What's your fastest weight loss method? 135 words A bizarre question, but how do I convince my girlfriend’s mother that Uber is safe? She’s quite overly protective and doesn’t want her getting in Ubers. 188 words Just chased down a lady who hit my car, what is your most ridiculous car accident story? 135 words Men of reddit, what makes you feel unappreciated? 221 words Men of reddit, what makes you feel unappreciated? 126 words Why do y’all continue to talk to other girls you’ve been with sexually/ keep their pics on your phone, when you’re in a relationship? 559 words What are some unexpected expenses for single man that younger guys don't think of? 296 words How did you find out what job/study you wanted to do ? 189 words Men who met the love of your life young (let's say early 20s), how did you make your relationship strong, mature and longlasting despite your age? 287 words Men who’ve broken things off with a great girl in order to play the field, how’d it go? 178 words Why do so many guys often get the wrong idea and think a woman is interested in them when she's nice to them? 139 words What might be some differences in the way gay men and straight women are attracted to men? 128 words What's the weirdest sex dream you ever had? 170 words People who have gotten back with their exes after many months or years, what’s your story? 596 words What's the worst you've ever messed up?