How have you stopped your mental health from getting too bad during this time?

I struggle a lot with mental health, and I was put on antidepressants at age 7 (I’m originally from the USA). I was on and off medication for anxiety and depression for 20 years until I started to exercise and chose to eat better. I have MDD rather than circumstantial depression.

So during these lockdowns, and even without lockdowns, I combat my depression demon by exercising as well as eating the correct foods for my body. One thing that has helped has been taking vitamin D during the winter since I’m vegetarian and don’t eat fish. Doing exercises that I enjoy such as walking in the forest, lifting weights, dancing, and MMA. Choosing not to drink alcohol has played a massive part in keeping the shadow beast at bay as well because alcohol is a natural depressant. Exercise is one of the MOST underrated ways to help fight mental health and I wish more people would just try it.

I also like to try new hobbies, and I have found that I greatly enjoy crocheting and crafting in general! These are awesome activities to do when my body won’t physically allow me to get out of the house to exercise, and they keep my mind occupied.

OP, if you’re struggling with mental health then please consider sticking in your headphones and going out for a walk. Try this every day for 14 days, and take notes on how it helped you or how it didn’t help you. Notice the small details of your walk that make you smile, like seeing or hearing a little bird or the way the leaves catches the light from the sun in the trees. Scale down your focus so that you find a small thing you appreciate on your walk, and you might just feel a little less sad than you did before. :)

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