How to make THC cannabis juice with kief?

I have about 5 grams of kief and want to make a vaping juice out of it. I currently have Vegetable Glycerin with me but do not have Propylene Glycol. I have done some research on how to activate the THC of the kief in the oven, but not sure how to tell it's been activated. I tried making it with a couple grams of kief. However, it doesn't have any affects when I came up with my finished product. I feel like wasn't able to activate the THC with my kief. I feel a great disappointment on myself. So these are my question I will love to know.

  1. With 5 grams of kief, what temperature do I have to set on my oven and how long do I have to cook it in order to activate the THC. People on the internet says the oven needs to be at a temperature between 225F ~ 250F. I am not sure about this. I tried 225F for 8 minutes and failed hard. Also, how can I tell it's been activated?

  2. Do I really need the Propylene Glycol in order to make a good quality e-juice? Can I just use vegetable glycerin only?

  3. How long do I have to simmer it? I know I have to simmer it for more than 2-hour minimum. I tried 4 and a half hours and didn’t get the good result I was hoping for.

Thank you for reading my concern and I really hope to not waste any more of my kief I have been saving over the years.

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