Hypocrisy of Ben Shapiro

I guess I don't have a good reference point for what constitutes "average" intelligence.

I'll put it this way. I feel like, if I disagreed with Sam about something, and tried to explain it to him, I think he would understand me, even if he didn't agree. Same with Jordan.

But the feeling I get from Ben is, if I tried to explain my misgivings to him, he would not understand me. Maybe what I'm actually picking up on is not intelligence but temperament or something. But he projects a lack of awareness that is so strong to me that it's vaguely offensive to my faculties. And I think that lack of awareness extends to himself, and when coupled with his obvious emotional investment in his own intelligence, it frankly calls into question his ability to dispassionately regard and interpret the world. He could have an IQ of 200, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has an accurate apprehension of the things he's talking about.

Maybe I'm being unfair to him for his affect or something.

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