I’m completely over meditation.

Well the slow burn would confirm my diagnosis and suggest that something has been getting in the way, and I suspect it is not what you think it is.

If you are wondering about possible causes for stagnation and open to advice from a random redditor, the fetters model is a hindrance to progress and virtuous thoughts and behaviors, while desirable and worthy goals in and of themselves, are neither meditation skills nor are they necessary to develop them except at an extremely low level (as in, being hooked on heroine and hookers is counterproductive, but not being hooked to them is about as much as you will ever need, strictly speaking... if that, take Trungpa).

And at some point one needs to graduate beyond Goenka (if that is where you have been going) or more generally mapless retreats. You might be better off renting a shed alone, mushroom culture teachers have a way of getting in the way even if you know your territory, and that is assuming you are not following instructions for mushrooms, which has its own ethical dilemmas attached to it.

Last but not least, the happiness dial (piti) is not a refuge. Revisit AP1 vs. AP2 and abandon conceptual ideas about what the next step will look like, particularly religious models such as the fetters.

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