Viktor Orbán sparks outrage with attack on ‘race mixing’ in Europe

The failures of ethnic peoples... The Hungarian people in the past 120 years saw their empire fail utterly, were on the losing end of two world wars, were under the control of yet another huge failed state in the USSR, and were then graciously allowed to join the EU, from which they have massively benefited.

The fact that their modern state exists and is comfortable and relatively wealthy is owed entirely to the charity of their neighbors to the West. If those neighbors had acted in the way that Orban is now, Hungary would not exist or would not be remotely as wealthy and stable as it is now.

But now Orban wants to pretend that none of that happened and actually ethnic Hungarians (who themselves are a genetic mashups of Germanics, Turkics, and eastern steppe nomads, lol) are some kind of superior pure race (familiar) who can't be diluted with lesser races because it will ruin their nation?

Haha. Its just a complete fucking joke man.

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