Anyone ever go from hardcore antitheist to religious? I feel like I can't go back to the former after psychedelics +stumbling into philosophy.

Thank you for sharing. Very interesting journey you had. What kind of Buddhism were you interested in? I visited a zen monastery in Japan a year ago and found it fascinating. But it seemed like a form of atheism that focused on annihilating the self. I didn't really see the point in it beyond reducing suffering. But id prefer some suffering if it came with a more interesting and meaningful life than sitting meditation all day.

One of the things I came to was a belief in one God. That was the only way I could make sense of an uncaused cause. If there was a pantheon of Gods fighting then a God couldn't be all powerful. And if God isn't all powerful over creation then he isn't God.

I found many teaching in Christianity beautiful but the trinity is something that I found at odds with my conception of a diety.

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