The i-league drama clarification

Man I had hoped that I-League would leave this alone since I felt like they had things to hide but I guess not.

Well first off let's go through your points. Firstly Xiituzi does not get her information from Liquidpedia she gets it from talking directly to the organizers through skype. Secondly she wasn't really involved except for the initial process. And she was not the person we were talking to on skype.

Since Conrad started working as our manager I haven't had to deal with schedules so I don't have the logs. I hope he corrects me if I'm wrong about anything.

Well first off I-League was a mess before we even started playing, from talking to the previous I-League season 1 team VP and other people it seemed that every single person had a hard time dealing with them. And it wasn't just because they weren't good at English but because they were just hard to deal with in general.

Because we were participating DH we had to play the qualifier games there. We told I-League this and Conrad had to work super hard with Bruno (THANKS A LOT) and other teams in order to work around the DH schedule. Now after all our work when we flew to DH apparently the schedule got randomly changed during our flight and we had to play the DAY WE WERE FLYING. Luckily Conrad/Me/AUI arrived first so we recognized the issue before play time and Conrad threw a fit but quickly talked to I-League people to settle this. After watching Conrad raging for a few hours he finally got the schedule changed to a reasonable time, but it conflicted with the DH schedule that we already fucking worked on previously because of I-League. So basically we had to change DH schedule two times for us to play I-League qualifiers (thanks DH).

Now during this time, a sponsor who was an investor in season 1 of I-League pulled out and I-League randomly changed the prizepool to $100000. This may have been fine if they had told us about it but they did not notify us at all. We had to be the ones to ask them after finding out ourselves.

After safely completing our first match in the qualifier we thought we were safe in the upcoming games!

However we weren't, apparently we had to play games are like 5 am or some shit and Conrad had to work on changing the next game to a reasonable time. Again after lots of work/time he finally got the next game to a reasonable time BUT the rest of the games were still in impossible times.

Well anyway I-League still worked with us and things were finally fixed and IXMIKE88 (I love you) from SNA also had to deal with I-League painstakingly and helped us get a fair match.

Anyway basically the process was fucking impossible.

Now I talked to VP during the tournament and they told me that last season I-League was really difficult to play. They also hadn't been paid yet but that's because I-League had this rule where they would only pay to Chinese Bank accounts. VP did not want to deal with this shit so they were like alright fuck it we didn't win much anyway. VP's manager did tell me that they would probably pay eventually though using other methods. I haven't been updated on the situation.

Now we talked to I-League after qualifying about potential issues such as payment and flights. Apparently we would have to pay first and get reimbursed later for our flights, something that we did for WPC, and we never saw that money ever again. WEC/WCA paid for our flights and we were hoping that after WPC that would be an obvious standard but it isn't the case for I-League.

Secondly for payments we still had to make a Chinese bank account (they didn't learn from season 1 and are still demanding the same shit). After Conrad talked to them for awhile, apparently they could MAYBE just pay us in cash instead of wiring it to us.

Everything seemed way too chaotic and sketchy fuck it.

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