I think I saw a ghost at my uni....

I had something similar happen in a gay-bar restroom. I had just forgiven my lover for behaving like a dirty dog, and we were there celebrating getting back together after a period of estrangement.

I was drying my hands at the blower, when I was startled by a darkly handsome young man leaning against the wall at my elbow, gazing admiringly at me; I hadn't noticed him come in or use the restroom at all. It was an awkward moment, and immediately strange; I'm an ugly, middle-aged person, who isn't rich enough for men like that to come on to; and they generally don't.

"You're very tall you know" (I'm 6'1", and he was maybe 5'9"). Naturally I figured I was dealing with a drunk/high person. I shook my head; "I'm not really that tall." "Oh, but you are." I nodded and thanked him; humoring him until my hands were dry, and I could escape back to my table.

"I just want you to know that; it's something you can be proud of." Another very handsome young man brushed past; Alexander in his prime. I hadn't noticed him entering or using the restroom either. "Are you really going out there?" "Yes; I will dance with them," he said resolutely. "Be careful then."

Other men using the restroom were looking at me strangely, and leaving without drying their hands; but a lot of people hate those blowers, and they were a recent change; not to mention they may have jumped to the conclusion I was negotiating with a prostitute, or maybe buying drugs; which wouldn't have been that unusual, given the venue. But, in hindsight, it might just be that, to them, I was talking to myself.

The striking blonde didn't handle the door, but followed another man closely out; perhaps a little too closely. My hands were dry, and I thanked the young man again for his bizarre complement, before fleeing back to my seat; which was near the men's room, and happened to face it directly. I looked back at a strange knowing leer, as the door closed; a facial expression that I would come to see again in a different strange encounter some years later.

My ghostdar was signalling robustly by then; but there didn't seem to be enough out of the ordinary to justify it. False positive! Cancel the alert! but it kept on. I had a good view of the bar, and the dance floor was small; yet the handsome blonde was nowhere to be seen.

Okay, lets see if the dark one comes out. But he didn't come out, and I eventually went back in; all the stalls were open, and it was plain he wasn't in there. I walked the bar looking for either one of them, and they were nowhere to be seen.

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