Ian Miles Chung: "Snakes and Ladders" (via Andy Warski), an introspective on an SJW turned anti-SJW turned SJW

Why @mombot's and Ian Miles Cheong's names still carry some weight around here is baffling.

@mombot dug up Wildgoose's doxx and gave it to IMC. @mombot suggested he get a third party to write up an article about Wildgoose and then IMC passed the information along to David Sherrat of all people.

@mombot: "He does not flinch at his power word or any stupid shit like that (meaning that his name is out there) so you will need to ask that your neutral journalist contact that puts out the expose puts the fear of god into him or speak to his former military commanding officer or his father."

Remember when @mombot wrote an entire article against this sort of thing?

#ZachAttack: How I Faked My Identity To Unmask Harassers In The Progressive Gaming Community

Key to my story, pro-GamerGate was often accused of “doxing”, or exposing someone’s personal identity, in order to terrorize these women.

Why did all of this come about? Because people doubted that @mombot was really a Japanese housewife who lives in Tokyo with her husband and two daughters. Why KiA fell for another Alison Prime is beyond me.

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