If you controlled GGG what would you try to help get this game pass 1 million concurrent users?

Just look at world of warcraft.

BFA was WOW's largest expansion launch ever, I'm also pretty sure it hit the lowest amount of concurrent users since vanilla. I don't know a single old school WoW player that is happy about the direction the game has been taken in. Classes used to be highly customizable and being good at the game meant you had the best gear.

Nowadays everyone playing a X spec does the exact same rotation/priority, the same spec, you use the same borrowed power, and the difference between a 150h per week player and a 5h per week player is about 7 ilvls at most.

Basically in order to get lots of people to play your game, you have to compromise difficulty and complexity, you need to make your game feel worse to the no lifers and whales in order for it to feel better for the noobs. If you've just purchased a bunch of GGG stock and want to make a quick return, perhaps pushing for 1m concurrent users sounds like the play, but if you're Chris Wilson and you want the game to grow organically without compromising itself, its a terrible idea.

This subreddit is proof of what I'm saying, in the last year or so, as PoE has become more mainstream/popular, the subreddit is full of people demanding Sirus nerfs, demanding Ex drop rates be increased, etc. Casuals will come to the game and demand everything be made easier and everything be catered to their playtime.

You know why WoW isn't my main game anymore? Because I noticed two raid launches in a row that I would play 16h/Day for 2 weeks straight and come to raid, barely outfperform the OP specs and then they would get lucky drops and beat me on later fights. The game allowed inferior skilled players to put 1/10th of my effort in and get better results, so I just decided, "Well I guess there is no point playing this game for 100+ hours a week".

I don't want PoE to go down that path. PoE at the moment gives a pretty balanced experience for both casuals and no lifers and theres no need to change it.

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