If I could go on just a single run without being yelled at, that would be great

Are you familiar with Freud? Freud has the interesting theory about the id, the ego, and the super ego. The id is our subconscious desires, and the most common example is for sexual urges. The urge to do something sexually to this woman is driving him to hang out the window.

Next is ego, which seeks to find realistic ways to satisfy the id without endangering the individual and while also satisfying the super ego. The man hanging out the window cat calling (satisfying the id) from a moving car where there are few, if any consequences (satisfying the ego and the super ego).

The super ego is our internalization of rules. Whether they be cultural, or things instilled into us by our parents, whatever. My super ego is not the same as your super ego and you're right - cultural differences largely shape the way we act and the things we view as acceptable or unacceptable. Personally, I am of the belief that if you enter into a different culture every effort should be made to assimilate culturally. That's on me though, not everyone feels that way.

I used the term textbook figuratively but Freud is literally printed in hundreds of thousands of textbooks around the world. The situation of the man hanging out of the car is a perfect example of these things coming together and you even open a great opportunity for discussion of how the super ego affects both the decision maker and the bystander. I'm not sure what kind of proof you need but since I've explained the thought process maybe that's enough.

Regarding asinine assumptions and my rape comment, which you cherry picked right out of context to accuse me of being a troll, you seem to be under the impression that the child with this man was conceived out of love. Though optimistic, this view is extremely naive and unrepresentative of other situations where a child may be conceived. I then went on to point out other situations that could result in a child. I used the word rape one time, not even in reference to OP, and you don't seem to be able to get past that. Women can rape, men can rape, animals rape. Rape rape rape. It happens and my point is that it can result in pregnancy. Nothing more. I certainly don't know the circumstances of conception and it would be unfair of me to make any assumptions, I simply pointed out a few reasons other than love.

I also don't believe that all men/women who compliment are jackals or assholes, and especially not those who are immersed in cultures where that is normal behavior. But in this particular story, in this particular context, I would compare that mans behavior to that of a wild animal (jackal) because the super ego has been largely ignored. I'll stop using the word asshole because the only justification for that is my own opinion. To add, women are also subject to this.

You can keep making as many new reddit accounts as you want to downvote me but all you're doing is fuzzing votes (you do know that reddit knows when you switch accounts on the same IP to vote, right? They call it vote manipulation and it can get you banned).

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