Game genres that are fun and simple to develop

Well, it depends on way too many options. But overall, I'd personally suggest you try a survival roguelike. Roguelikes are relatively easy to make, first of all because turn-based. Second, at least personally for me it's extremely important to get something "playable" as soon as possible, which can be more or less easily achieved with a roguelike + after that extend the game and see the result of your work almost immediately.

i just want to people play my game and write comments

Note that this is very unlikely to happen. If you get 20-60 downloads/year + zero comments it's a relatively successful game launch at To get players and feedback you need to promote your game, which is a hard and unrewarding skill.

There are two ways to at least slightly tilt this into your favor:

  1. Try a game jam, not too small (where nobody cares) but not too big (to get ignored among larger titles). Something with 100-500 participants.
  2. Try NSFW. There is not much competition there, especially among games with actual gameplay, not just VNs.
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