If i fits, I sits. Big cat edition

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A cat is a cat 4327 2dys pics 332
If I fits I sits! 2788 9mos aww 230
If it does not fit, it still sits? 149 1yr aww 3
"If it fits, it sits" is universal 440 1yr funny 6
Cat is cat 2572 1yr pics 68
If I fits I sits! B 123 5mos funny 1
If I Fits I Sits. 244 3mos pics 12
If I fits, I sits.. applies to all cats. 620 1yr funny 37
If I fits, I sits...like a damn boss 493 1yr aww 12
The cat traps are working B 2559 1yr pics 233
It works on big cats too B 2282 1yr funny 196
A cat is a cat 30 1yr pics 2
If I fits... 337 1yr pics 15
ALL cats love boxes. 183 1yr aww 3
Even big cats like boxes 650 1yr cats 10
if I fits, I sits. 92 1yr aww 9
Leopard trap 36 1yr aww 3
Well, I guess cat is cat ... 12 1yr funny 4
Still works 22 1yr aww 2

Source: karmadecay (B = bigger)

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