If Im understanding this correctly, I can just write whatever I want about any group of people, and they will just demonetize/deboost that. I can then continue on with no repercussions? My other tweets are treated normally? How will this not boost the popularity of every single hate group?

So, if you're a right wing famous Tweeter who types a "negative/hate" tweet, but already have a large following who will, of course, see any Tweet you make and more than likely retweet you, how exactly does "deboosting" work and have any real affect whatsoever? How does this practically have a measurable negative affect on reach?

Also, why did Musk feel the need to use the word "negative" alongside "hate"? Is there a notable difference between the two words which he felt needed differentiating? I mean, we all know what a "hate Tweet" likely means but what does he mean by a "negative Tweet"? Anything that isn't optimistic, anything critical of anyone or anything (especially him and Twitter), etc?

And exactly how is he defining what is or isn't "hate speech"? According to what criteria? The same criteria as Twitter used before Musk bought it perhaps? Does, for example, Jordan Peterson deadnaming Elliot Page (etc) or calling a woman he's never met, "not beautiful", because she's a plus sized model count as "hate speech" according to Elon. And again, how exactly does he intend to "deboost" such Tweets in such a way that it actually has a viable affect on their reach when people like Peterson have thousands of sycophantic fanboys, etc?

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