If it took you many years to achieve clear skin, what was the most important routine change that finally did it for you? [research]

Its been 8 months since I started my proper skin routine. My skin used to be very dehydrated and my main problem used to be fungal acne but now just normal ccs. My skin had its almost clear stages during the 8 months but my closed comedones keep coming back. Sometimes Id pick on them and theyd get inflamed and would leave PIH so Id always feel like I was back to square one. It was a rollercoaster ride.

I was never the type to touch my face if I didnt just wash my hands so I guess I could contribute that to not getting pimples along with proper hydration. I stuck with my normal routine for two months and I still got ccs. Now I just recently added oil cleansing to my double cleansing routine. I used to use micellar water but I think that didnt completely get rid of the sunscreen I use. Im so happy I finally gave in to oil cleansing. I feel like I dont have to pick on my ccs (that have the plugs exposed) anymore because oil cleansing is helping with that! So my answer would be making sure my skin is completely clean ofcourse without dehydrating/drying it out as well.

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