"I'm not racist" - Tottenham fan who threw banana at Aubameyang

Exactly what a racist would say! /s

I had a friend who I used to work with, he was a black dude. We had a supervisor and he was a bit of a.. socially awkward twat. Anyway, we was working away and my friend decided to play a joke on our supervisor. It was just something harmless and it got a good laugh out of everyone including the supervisor. As the laughs died down, the supervisor made a passing comment as he went back to work. "You're a cheeky monkey mate!" A harmless comment to anyone that isn't black but my mate took offense. The supervisor was sacked.

Just because you didn't mean something to be offensive doesn't mean that it isn't. For the record I think my mate was over reacting because he knew the supervisor was awkward as fuck. You can't say the same for Auba here though, if a banana skins lands in front of a black player you're going to assume it's a monkey slur

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