The Indian Twitter Community trends #IndiaWithPakistan to show solidarity with Pakistanis over Peshawar Attack

A Kid doesn't know about religion..a kid doesn't know about God..a kid doesn't know about racism..a kid knows only to smile.. and the smiles have been wiped off forever from a hundred and thirty two faces.. and for what ? Is there a more excruciatingly painful sight than visuals of parents lining up to see NOT THE GRADES of their children on the notice board, but to check if their child still breathes?

"My son was in uniform this morning, he is in a casket now" said Tahir Ali, a father..this statement broke me into a million pieces.. he said his child was his dream and his dream has been shot down. What had this particular father done in order to deserve living through this ? how does the mother who would spend sleepless nights if the child caught fever deserve this desolation.. just hours ago did she pack a tiffin for the young one.. why shud she be putting the same child in a coffin now?

A barbaric group is after all this.. who identify themselves as religious fundamentalist ? How dare you take Gods name before killing innocent children. Children were SHOT in the FACE & HEAD. Dragged out from under the chairs & tables, and shot. At point blank. Roses like children, covered in their own innocent crimson blood. I am sorry to burst your bubble here..but we need to set one thing straight.. NO RELIGION allows this monstrosity.. EVER!

Burning a teacher alive? The prophet (peace be upon him) even forbade the burning of an ant hill. Everybody who practices Islam knows that even during war, u don’t harm women, KIDS, elderly or infirm.You don’t even cut down trees for God's sake.. then what has been the agenda here ? Who are these murders and how dare they call their actions religious in nature?

Have these members of the Islamic fundamentalist group never read Quran Shareef.. the Prophet himself was told that "whoever kills an innocent soul - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely:- Surat Al-Mā'idah, Qur'an 5:32 .. how on earth did the children qualify to be brutally massacred then ? were they all corrupt ? A grade eight student sat with a bullet in his chest & consoled his mother on the phone that he was all right & unhurt.. that's how innocent and pure all the slain souls were.

I am sorry to say that- "when you bleed cherub like life forms to death slowly, and develop this insensitivity to agony, when seething pain of death means nothing to you, against the possible joys of post-life coitus".. you my friend have lost not only your purpose but also your soul..Talibaanis are not Muslims, they're the opposites of what Islam teaches! We really need to come together as one big family to mourn this death of humanity and realise.. yeh toh kissi ko bhi nahi chahiye.. kahin toh rukna hoga.. there are no bad religions.. there are only bad people.. we must all together hang our heads in grief and shame and should swear to end this 'We will hit you where it hurts the most' retaliation.

May be what we need is not a 2 minute silence. But a 2 minute honest conversation about some beliefs & their sources..132 children dead, all younger than me. God, please forgive me if I am ever ungrateful! The smallest coffins are indeed the heaviest! May you fill the heaven with your fragrance tonight little angels.132 dead children. 132 mothers. 132 fathers, 396. THAT IS the real death toll. Imagine for one second having to live without your maa, paa, son, daughter, brother and now imagine their lifetimes.

Tomorrow, when the pain is less and the crowd has thinned, do not forget how you felt today. Remember and mourn because humanity from here on shall never breathe the same. Mubeen Shah, one of the martyrs,uploaded a cover photo a few days back that said- " we are a nation of beauty and great grief.. our smiles are much stronger than your guns " RIP young ones! They tried to bury you.. they didn't realize that you were seeds..You, brave souls, are most definitely in a much, much, much better place! #IndiaWithPakistan

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