Inside the Pedophilic Manga Industry in Japan

It's a good video but people that read the headline and don't watch the video will assume they mean fan service (which in some anime is bad) when in actuality its about cp manga - pretty horrifying and something I'm surprised is just coming up when all I see is people talking about 3000 y/o dragons.

They should have done more on the effects and links to sexual abuse.

Seems like they just spoke to creepy dude, who confirmed it's weird and fucked up. Spoke to some dude in a suit, who said the law is this. Then spoke to a child abuser who agreed with what the journalists opinion was. Even queried creepy dude on is there proof then just accepted child abuser saying it definitely is affecting child abuse.

Its one of the things I feel you can't just half ass and say everyone agreed with me job done if you're looking to shed light and hopefully change some laws.

I doubt the sector is going to dissappear and more likely will move to being online and black market which I would say is infinitely worse. Not to say nothing should be done, but I sure as hell don't have the answer as to how to stop it.

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