Internationals please weigh in: Don’t live in a bubble, Amsterdam mayor tells international workers.

Totally suppressing the “hard truth”. In the US, we (my self and family) reached out to expats both at work and in our neighborhood. Became friends, showed them how we do cultural things and events. I get it, it’s not cultural to be hospitable here. It’s not your thing. But unless you lived abroad for yourself, don’t project that you understand. Just admit that you’re not culturally hospitable and be okay with it. You don’t need excuses.

I have worked in the UK, France, Romania Oman, Israel and here. This is the least hospitable country I’ve worked in besides Oman. Believe it or not, the French coworkers were the most hospitable.

That said, I do love living here, and I don’t want to raise my children elsewhere. Lots of amazing people and places. And while I do live in an expat bubble, it includes other Dutch people who have lived in the US, or married to foreigners.

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