What do you LIKE about living in the Netherlands?

Okay but you do remember that all these policies have been enacted by roughly the same cabinet parties, right? Only difference is a switch from PvdA as coalition partner to D66, while PvdA was supposedly the left part (D66 isn’t that left vs PvdA if people didn’t know already). In the past 10 years ‘flexibilisering van de Arbeidsmarkt’ and simultaneous budget cuts during recessions from 2009 until 2015 all to save the Euro from collapsing.

I literally had to write a paper about liberalising the Dutch labour market and was totally against this trajectory. The Dutch labour market was told as being rigid, less competitive, not being of this time, and projected as on the same level of the French which was absurd. (Btw, doesn’t the current pension reform schemes share the eerily arguments put before?) But, alas, FNV and VNO-NCV all agreed. Even though pointing out that large discrepancies would occur in the labour market this FNV guy only thought at the last moment during our interview: ‘ooh, yeah you might be right actually’ Broo seriuously….

Also getting less WW while STILL being obligated to pay for this. WW used to be between 3,4,5 years maximum where one year worked meant you build op 1 year. Now 1 year worked gives you 1 month.

And of course we didn’t want to lose our precious AAA rating!

If another decrease in social benefits which YOU PAY FOR because it’s an obligatory insurance, they should scrap it. Give people their money back and let them have more money on their bank each month instead.

I don’t care anymore.

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