Invidia, The Noxian Renegade

As far as formatting is concerned, you may want to go through and separate the attributes of each ability (not their descriptions) onto multiple lines. I am referring to line breaks as discussed in the formatting guide.i.e. range on one line, cooldown on the next, etc...

. I am referring to line breaks as discussed in the formatting guide.

Now for some nitpicking XD:


Do you have any numbers for this? Is the increase in attack speed proportional to missing mana (1% missing mana = 1% AS; 100% missing mana - 100% AS)

Q: Essence Blades

Please be a little more clear about when the cooldown begins. You say Essence blades can be fired two more times before going on full cooldown and Essence Blades cooldown starts after firing the first dagger. What is the difference between "full cooldown" and "cooldown" in this context? In addition, is there a static cooldown between the first+second and second+third casts? You seem to be inconsistent in your description of ability attributes. "Maximum Magic Damage" seems to only describe "Magic Damage on Third Dagger" though you could probably replace the numbers here with what they would be when referring to "Maximum Single Target Magic Damage"

in which case it would be 240/360/480/600/720 (+ 90% AP)(+ 5% Current Mana)

W: Blade Master/Arcane Prodigy

Why do the two forms of his W have independent cooldowns?

E: Deconstruction

What is the radius of the burst? Also, does it have a cast time or is it instant? If the dagger is not present in the radius, what is the slow percentage on enemies in the burst?

E: Spacial Shift

Imagine if Flash had an increased range, a 99% reduced cooldown, gave a self-buff in damage, and an enemy-debuff on-hit effect. (I use bold here as well as rhetoric to indirectly express the need for a relook at this ability).

R: Ascendance

If I had built 40% CD already, what effect does the CD reduction from this ability provide?

R: Shimmering Steel

Backstab isn't exactly a stab anymore, is it? See my notes on E: Spacial Shift above.

Your Discussion notes (nothing is safe)

Invidia has high mobility while in his melee form, but has no escape while in ranged The fact that he has no escape while ranged is irrelevant as his W and E have no cast time.

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