3 tons of living cats caught on way from China to Vietnamese restaurants

Asian people, in general, eat less meat than Europeans and Americans. Thereby they contribute less to the problems associated with eating meat; methane emissions (climate change), overusing agricultural lands for livestock food and euthrophication (build-up of nutrients in rivers; or actually almost every ecosystem).

In addition they eat insects; a great way to get your proteins (insects costs much less energy and food to produce but have huge protein contents) . They have a lot of different eating habits than we Europeans / Americans and most of these habits are actually a lot better than ours.

Then there is this small thing; they eat cats and dogs. Now I don't know how many people actually eat them and how often, but I can say fairly certain they sure eat a lot less of them as we eat pigs and cows. So what gives you the right to be outraged about this? When did a cat's life became more worth than the life of a pig and why should you be outraged at some other cultures eating habit either way?

There are tons of reasons why our eating habits are the worst of all cultures in the world, yet you don't hear people complain about this. But eat a fucking cat and there's people like you getting all pumped up and outraged.

These animals are not pets there, in addition, some people (in the west) have pigs as pets. They don't go around being outraged if you eat your pig. Just shut up. Let these people have their own eating habits. Comments like yours only make me want to eat cats and dogs. If I ever go there I think I will eat a ton of cats just to annoy people like you.

Don't get me wrong though, I love cats. But I am fairly sure that if, instead of cats, there were pigs running around town doing pig things and there was a pig waiting for me when I went home I would love pigs as much as I love cats. Just because you are not in contact with these animals as much as cats does not mean they are lesser animals. It's just that you are biased towards cats.

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