IQ Expert: Race not the cause of IQ Gap

Waaaaay out of my expertise, but at the risk of getting stomped on for my lack of expertise: what if European whites and (with all due respect to my Jewish bros who have battled the following nefarious stereotype for fucking ever) Jews were just incredibly malevolent opportunists? What if “we” just wanted others to die more than the guys that we killed, so we invented better ways to kill rape and enslave them first?

It’s not necessarily an appeal to intelligence that we were better at fucking up people’s shit. What if intelligence tests just measure our ability to fuck up people’s shit and build big sky scrapers? What if there is a species of spiritual beings that understood the universe more profoundly than we ever will, but we fucked their shit up 5000 years ago with a sharp rock?

I mean, maybe your theory is stronger, but I’m open to a lot of possibilities; none of which we will prove, and none of which are particularly relevant to our present circumstance and what we do about it.

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