Irish prime minister to fast-track radical climate change policies. "The public have sent us a message which is that they want us to accelerate action on climate. "It will require changes at individual, community and national level".

Wow, I guess where you came from was a fuckin’ utopia or something? Good news for you is you can always piss off back there if Ireland’s not good enough for you.

There are problems all over the place that’s for sure, but your rant doesn’t show that you know the origins of any of them.

Why don’t we revolt? Where do you think you are? Feckin USSR or Cuba or something?

Do you think car insurance is normal? Eh, yeah? Don’t you?

Do you think it’s normal to pay thousands for that insurance? No obviously. But as much as I hate it, the reason is that most if not all Irish insurers out their profits in risky investment vehicles prior to the crash and lost their shirts. The hiked premiums is their way of recovering their loses. Do I think we should be bailing them out? No, they Gambled and lost- but at least the EU has launched an investigation into their cartel behaviour so hopefully we will get a result there.

Bus services running only twice a day? Well, I don’t know where in he country you are but public transports patchy & that’s for sure but the size of the transport network around the country is based on the size of the population. Why does Holland for example, have a fucking amazing public transport system and we don’t? Because they’re 16.5 million people in a country the size of Munster and we are 4.5m. They have more customers, smaller distances to cover, therefore they can afford the capital expenditure because they will recoup their money faster. We mostly can’t and have to get cash from the EU for most of out bigger projects like Metro north, 2nd runway at Dublin airport, all of our motorways etc.

Put down our pints and do some work? I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this shite. You might just be a Brit yourself if you engage in that lazy stereotype of the indolent, drink sodden Irishman. Try harder pal.

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