"I've made a huge mistake"

The best advice I can give to someone who has expensive things and wants a dog with minimal risk to expensive things is to train your dog to love his/her cage right as a puppy (crate training).... DO NOT lock your dog in a cage and let it bark and whine the entire time you are gone! do it correctly.

All of my dogs I would buy them a nice cage with lots of comfy blankets, typically not supposed to keep a dog in a cage for more than 4 hours. Come home for lunch and let them out for some food/water and a piss then put them back... If you have to leave a dog alone for more than 4 hours a day then you really shouldn't own a dog. The cage should be large enough for them to stand up fully and turn around in.

The way I did it all my dogs loved their cage, it was "their own space" a place they could go and be left alone / safe. (never pet your dog in the cage, etc when they are in the cage let them be alone, if you want to pet them call them out of the cage, if they don't want to come out then leave them be, dogs like alone time too).

When they are a puppy depending on the dog you may have a bit of whining when you first lock the cage but if you do it correctly that should go away pretty quickly, you want to train them to use it as their own safe place, not a punishment place. I see some people use the crate as a form of punishment when their dog misbehaves but I have had better experience not associating punishment with the cage.

I always try to bring a blanket when I go buy a new dog so I can wrap them in it on their way home and then put that blanket in their cage and always keep it there so there is something they are fond of and are attached to in their cage.

Once they grow out of the puppy stage, as long as you treat and train your dog properly (if it is a high energy breed walk it lots, etc) the chances of them destroying things go down drastically and you may decide to get rid of the cage all together but all of my dogs grew to love their cage so I the cage around for them.

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