Jeffrey Tambor Exits ‘Transparent’ After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Of course. No one MUST get out of bed in the morning if they don't want. But men seek out sex, and more often than not (both now and throughout all of history), their advances have been unwanted. This isn't a "Hollywood people" thing, it's a human nature thing. I'm tired of being told that women are helpless. If they don't want it, say no, leave the hotel room, DON'T go up to the hotel room, call the police immediately and report an incident instead of waiting thirty years and countless Oscars/millions of dollars later, etc. It's just all so over the top now, and given Lena Dunham's most recent statement that we're to believe all of these accusations without ever being allowed to question the people giving them, I just say enough. Women should be taught how to say no and protect themselves. The rest of us should work on being socially aware enough to know when our advances aren't wanted. If we're not, then that's something to work on. Otherwise, enough is enough. Are you telling me that you believe every single one of these now countless accusations, and don't ever think for even one second that some of these women just have an ax to grind? If so (and I don't mean to sound like a dick), you're being incredibly naive.

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