Joined a new group today, noticed a weird dynamic between DM and a player.

It is weird and you're not in the wrong.

There might be a case for a player assisting the DM, but this example seems to lack the proper responsibilities of effectively being a co-DM, unless all of the other players actually share this player's stances and it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to take part.

So, I would first consider: Do you really dislike these rulings? Would you consider the campaign to be bad because of it? If you do, all of the next steps should be handled with respect.

Go to the other players to see if they agree with you - politely agree to disagree with anyone who doesn't agree, since your aim at this stage is not to convince anyone, just see who agrees with you.

Especially if everyone else is on board; from there, one person should speak on behalf of the group to calmly talk to the DM, but still make it very clear that they are speaking on behalf of all agreeing players.

Note: Do not approach the remaining player, the one mentioned in the post, in case he gets defensive. Leave him for the DM.

Then wait for the DM to take action and based on whatever happens, act accordingly.

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