Just one thing that's keeping me from owning my very first BlackBerry (I want a Passport)

I work for one of the cellular providers in Canada, and am an owner of a Passport myself. We have sold quite a few of the devices through our store and I haven't had a single one come back for issues regarding bending. My own device is also fine, and I've had it for about 3 months now. If you actually go and hold a Passport, you'll see that it has a steel frame, which is extremely sturdy. Seriously, out of all the devices that have some kind of metal frame and would be susceptible to bending (is: Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M8, BlackBerry Classic, Moto X 2014) I would say the Passport is probably the least bendable, mainly due to form factor. If one were to bend a Passport, I would have to attribute that to the owner's undue care of the device and not any type of design flaw or build quality issue. As far as BlackBerry customer service goes its pretty much nonexistent, as far as coming from the company itself goes anyways. Your customer service would be handled through the vendor at which you choose to purchase the device from. I think it's been already mentioned that Amazon's is quite good.

Now I have seen I have seen more than a few iPhone devices come in bent (not just the iPhone 6/6+ either), and as far as I am aware, a bent iPhone is supposed to be covered by Apple's own "Apple Care +" warranty. The warranty is $99 (CAD) and a replacement for a bent iPhone would cost $49-$79 as it would fall under their description of accidental physical damage (which is basically saying that YOU are at fault for the damage, and not due to any construction/assembly/material issues with the device itself). Like you mentioned, Apple does have a strong customer service presence; however, and I'm sure that on more than one occasion a customer has been able to persuade Apple into replacing a physically damaged iPhone, without Apple's warranty as some kind of loyalty offering. I wouldn't really expect that service, though, unless you purchase Apple Care +, otherwise you're basically asking them to completely circumvent their own policy.

How that helps.

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