What's a Malaysian fad that you guys hate?

It is based on a tuning exhibitions culture called Hella Flush that I think originated from Japan but they also popular in EU and US. People get around and show their cars off to other enthusiast, not exactly my favourites as I prefer performance based tuning, like Rocket Bunny or RWB does where they push a car to its limits. Or proper track racing like FIA GT3 and Le Mans.

The way Malaysian do hella flush is probably wrong, IMO. The EU or Japanese version is much much lower which much steeper angles but they are installed with a hydraulics that they could turn their wheels back to normal angle when they want to drive it. Also to ensure that your car is street legal on the road, not driving around with slanted wheels that wears out your tires faster and reduce your car's grip on the road.

Not sure how they get around road humps and pot holes. Good luck to them.

I admit that I really dislike Malaysian tuning culture. They either buy a luxurious sports cars then paint it with the ugliest colour they can find and slap a really ugly rim on it, thinking that doing that will give them another 100bhp. Then drive like a mad man in the road, as if they are playing NFS or something. If you want to drive fast, go to a track to do so as if you can afford a Ferrari, I'm sure you can pay for Sepang race weekends.

If not, buy a cheap car then install spoilers, rims, bumpers, neons or whatever on it, thinking they are driving a sports car, while the vehicle's condition is appalling with dented body parts, black smoke from exhaust and noisy exhaust.

My major pet preve is still seeing people sticking Mugen, Nismo, TRD, STi on their cars where all these brands are performance division belongs to different manufacturer. Mugen is Honda's performance division, Nismo is Nissan's, TRD is Toyota's, STi is Subaru's. It just doesn't make sense, especially your car doesn't come from any of those manufacturer. Feels like "ze stickers give me 10 bhp each, so me stick them on Ma ride". Geez man.

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