Just picked this baby up - if we really do get CCW's issued in CA, I don't want to carry my full size 1911s around. Submitted CCW application to San Mateo last night, livescan appt set up already. Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone out there!

yes, the supreme court ruling (ny vs. bruen) struck down the state's requirement of "good cause" as unconstitutional. clarence thomas wrote an opinion, paraphrased, that no other right guaranteed in the bill of rights requires one to justify why they need to exercise the right to a govt authority.

what you need to apply? check out the san mateo ccw application process. you'll need address/residence history, 2 x proof of san mateo residence (utility bill, bank statement, phone bill etc showing your address), driver's license #, etc; but no longer is good cause a requirement.

the san mateo application still asks "what is the reason you want a ccw", but you can write in "self defense" for now.

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