i just ran four miles in 41 minutes and i’m lowkey proud

I somewhat agree. I genuinely don’t think he’s as bad as people say he is. Like, I don’t think he’s actually sexist or racist. I genuinely think that those sorts of things come from him just not understanding current topics as well as he should. His whole thing was being a businessman republican pleaser, which he has 100% lived up to. And by that, I mean he doesn’t do a good job at pleasing anybody on the opposing party. Even his current racial situation comes not from him actively supporting racist individuals, but his lack of properly addressing them the way people want him to.

If it weren’t for the current police/racial movement, and Trumps poor decisions to address it, he would be an otherwise perfectly reasonable president. Not particularly good, but average and forgettable like many of the forgotten presidents before him. But yeah, with how he’s talking about the protests, I don’t think he’s the best for responding to the public’s needs. For this reason, despite my distaste for him, I’d accept Biden as an equal alternative just because I think he’d be a lot better at addressing the REAL problems. His political stance is shaky in my opinion, but I’d be fine with him just to get through all this Covid and Police bs that Trump isn’t doing a good job at fixing.

but yeah, I do believe the criminalizing of Trump is a little extreme. You can hate the guy and all, that’s usually how conflicting political views work, I just don’t think he deserves to be an exception as “definitely, 100% a horrible person, regardless of political views.” What I feel needs to be said is that his promises and most of his actions aren’t that bad, and it’s reasonable to still like his political stance. Honestly, all he’s done has benefited me, and nothing until his lack of speaking up against police brutality against people of color has been a problem for me. Even then, he’s just the president, if you want to bring change, it’s not just the presidents decision. You’ll have to bring your ideas through the entirety of the government, which the president ultimately only is a part of. But this doesn’t excuse him, and as such, I won’t continue to support him if he doesn’t become a better person. And by that, all I mean is that he talks about George Floyd. Say his name and address the issue, and my support is a good as his. The problem is that he refuses to, which I can see why it would upset many people greatly. It still needs to be kept in mind, however, that just because people still like him, it doesn’t mean that they’re deliberately racist or sexist or homophobic or whatever they call him nowadays.

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