[Juventus] Massimiliano Allegri: "This morning Paul Pogba trained for the second time, but then stopped, and it was then decided that he undergo surgery. We will realistically get him back in January."

I disagree. Pogba is a decent playmaker, but he's not a Modric, kdb or Kroos level creator. The difference btwn the 2018 and the 2022 team is that, this team will be more unpredictable in how the create chances because it can come from anywhere. Furthermore, they'll be better at creating chances because they'll have Benzema in the attack who's great at creating chances with his movement and he's got a wonderful partnership with Mbappe. They have Camavinga and Tchouameni joining the team who are already super composed in the Madrid midfield. They also have Griezman who can drop back and link the midfield with the attack and btw, both Mbappe and Benz are capable of doing that too to help overload the wings and create 1v1 chances. Pogba is a good player, but France can still win without him.

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