Would you consider Creole’s their own languages?

Again sir if it is not French based pleads speak Haitian Creole without speaking French! If it’s a French.

I even said myself Haitian creole is a language, But it not it’s own language Because with French it wouldn’t/ couldn’t exist like in your example you used

« femme, envoyer, ça, jeter » = there aren’t really pronounced different, either.

I haven’t admitted the grammar was different but again you still used French to make your sentence…like if someone who couldn’t speak a language was trying to speak one language that’s why the grammar is different ??? Maybe Haitian slaves from Africa ???

if you believe it’s a different language than you should just say « I believe it’s different »

But my question is that Haitian Creole is French and it isn’t a language on its own And you’ve even acknowledged yourself it’s

it’s a French-lexified

And Haitian Creole is not based on French

Use more examples of Haitian Creole without any French in them Please and thank you.

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