The knife amnesty boxes in my town (UK) for people to drop off their weapons

Imagine a million times the flavor of your favorite food or an orgasm. How about a trillion. Don't you want that? Read this for how. It takes 1 minute please.

God had to of create time; and time has a beginning,  middle, and end. So God has no beginning as time doesn't apply to him before he created it. What created the big bang before it began? Something can't come from nothing. 0 + 0 can't equal 1. God always existed that's how he came about. Think: there has to be a beginning somewhere as reality exists and the big bang wasn't the beginning as what created it?

Above is what you get each time you special worship. So if you say special worship (its: oh God, please forgive and bless everything) hundred times you get 100 trillion times an orgasm for ~30 minutes or whatever you want like any food at an instant and the flavor times trillion+ and so on. No matter which religion is right, this saying raises you in all religions as it's asking blessing for everyone. God can do anything so he can make you experience infinity times an orgasm. Try for 1000/day! Even say it daily 10-100x (it takes 5 mins) to better your next life. Say it now and daily 10+× then continue reading. The Prophet said you get 1 deed per believer if you ask forgiveness and blessing for them. While you only get 10 deeds for saying thank God. Even say it as a constant rememberance, even in the car or bathroom always say it there's no harm and you get rewarded. Visit for what is special worship and how to (theres more ways for greater reward). See it even if you believe in God. You should be eager to as deeds in the next life is real productivity.

This site proves God exists! The site is Check it out but continue reading the site there's more ways to worship for infinity times the reward for worship like fasting or invitation to God. Imagine the house filled with salt and each salt grain counts as 20 years. You have lived 20 or more years, recall all your memories and imagine that as one salt. The entire house can be taken and you're still in paradise. Imagine the city or more (the world or universe) filled with salt. Check the site for bettering your next life. We should be eager to as it's eternal. And eager to worship to better it so see my site.

Everything has a creator except God he always existed as he created time and the concept of a beginning.

Please just believe God exists there is no harm and you get rewarded. It's like you become a billionaire in the next life if you die believing. Why not you don't lose anything to believe? Still see the site for how to special worship for better reward.

Also another logical proof for God: what created water? The big bang never created water neither did life that created itself so who? Same for lava, rainbows, wood/trees, and clouds. God created them. Another logical proof is blessing, I eat a few bites a week and stay healthy or sleep 30 minutes when I sleep in the morning at 10 AM. You try it too, realize God can do anything so he can make you live off a few bites or sleep less, just try it and eat less or sleep in the morning. The site goes over it more on point 4 check it out Monks experience blessing, that's why they worship 16+ hours because blessing undeniably proves God exists.

Some refute God by his allowing of suffering but God teaches that he rewards for suffering. Would you starve for 5 years for a million dollars? Also you only suffer if you prefer to suffer for the reward.

Please share the site with family and friends as invitation to God has the best, even greater than worship, reward in the next life. Why did God tell all his prophets to do invitation to God his favorite people so he would tell them the best thing? Copy the message at the end of my site to send to your contacts / post online.

Thank you and have a good day

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