Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Municipal Violations

While the ticket system is cool, we indeed do have a war on wealth here in Finland. The government taxes inheritance. This is somewhat okay when you inherit money as you can use that money to pay the tax. But when you inherit houses, cars or even business's, the value of the thing dictates the amount you pay in tax. That is 29% if I can trust my google skills.

So say the house is worth 100'000€, you need to pay 29'000€ in tax. So what if you have no money to pay? The government takes the house until you can pay. I think you can let them sell it too and take their cut or something like that. So it's pretty terrible but you can still work with it.

Okay let's see about inheriting a business. The tax is calculated by the value of the business no matter how much profit they actually make. So the business might be losing hundreds of thousands but still be valued millions. This will put the inheritor into a huge debt right from the start and the government will have to seize parts of the company if that is possible (say it's a store chain etc, they'll take a few stores). Note that this is just what I've hear and read. It is fucked up even if some of my details are wrong.

Now if that was not enough, here comes arguably the worst thing. One of our biggest companies, Fazer, has been in the news lately because their CEO Karl Fazer said they might move the company outside of Finland to avoid inheritance tax which would be a huge hit for them. They are not the only one and the government is getting annoyed. So what do they think should fix big Finnish companies leaving the country to avoid tax? Tax them when they leave! Yes, they will literally rob you when you leave the country. Note that this is just what they say they want to do, it's not currently being done.

I think this shows the fucked up mentality our government has. Let's fuck with the workers and the business's until they can't take it anymore. Then when shit hits the fan on the governments end, instead of fixing the problem they make the problem even worse. A good example is the car tax. When you buy a car you pay a large tax to the government. The government had gotten less car tax than last year so they decided to raise the tax. This resulted in even less cars being sold and even less tax being collected. So it's a loss-loss situation. Did the government fix this when they saw they ruined everything? To my knowledge, no.

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