Lawsuit alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused troubled teen in 1980s

So it's fun how this took 30 years to come out, but let's assume it's real. Is a 32 year old gay guy by 1980s standards doing anything wrong to hook up with a teen prostitute. I'll say marginally, but... as one that lived through this era, this was not all that uncommon, gay or straight.

I don't see a pattern in Murray's behavior throughout his career, so hopefully he can beat this skeleton or alleged incident.

With Cosby, it was not one accuser from 30 years ago, it was a pattern of dozens. I'm still more than not thinking even if this happened, Murray should own it and say that was a mistake and I'll make it right and move on.

But this is politics, so ... I'll bet he's in for a lot of crap from people who would otherwise never give a crap about teens prostituting themselves, but who now have a chance to attack someone they disagree with politically, and you better believe they will be attacking.

Not to play "whataboutism" but I still marvel at how many people who have accused Trump of being a sexual predator, and you definitely see there was a pattern, particularly back in the 70s and 80s where morals on this stuff was different.... and some of them have come forward.. and yet here we are, with Trump as president.

And yet that dumbass Anthony Wiener sexted a teen once and his career's ruined. Didn't even meet her, just creeped her on line. No actual in person crimes occurred. Showing how much morality has evolved in the past 20-30 years on this topic.

And I promise you quite a few people that grew up in the 70s or 80s hooked up with an underage person at some point. Like when one person is 21-25, and the other person is 14-18. Morality around these tended to be less CHILD PREDATOR LOCK HIM UP and more "damn Bob, robbing the cradle a little aren't ya?"

I'm saying quite a lot of you accusing Murray of capital crime, if you're say age 45 and up, you probably knew of someone who did something somewhat similar for the age range, and .... probably never gave a shit back when it happened.

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