Liberals showing their true nature again.

So let's see:

Stalks and harasses Bjorn for months, sends him PMs telling him he should kill himself.

Harasses LovelyBone93 for months.

Trolls and harasses the FC mod mail off and on for months, including death threats and homophobic slurs.

Trolls and harasses Jake to the point where Jake completely bails on Reddit and Twitch accounts.

When Jake bails they admitted to arbitrarily start harassing and trolling me, try and get my Facebook account, spam me with alt accounts telling me I should kill myself, death threats, sending me homophobic slurs, etc. They troll badly, get caught almost immediately, and then get mad because I don't tell them to fuck off nicely enough.

Demand over and over that I give them time to discuss it after I've said I don't want to talk to them ever again. Demand that I show some compassion to a person who readily admits that they setup an elaborate hoax to mentally fuck with me ("I demand you feel bad about the person who abused you!" said no reasonable person ever.)

But hey, it's their victims that have no regard for human suffering.

Just disgusting and awful people in general. I'd say I'd appreciate it if STS would quit giving this person a platform to harass me. In the end STS will do something to upset that group and they'll start up the harassment towards STS and the STS mods can go through the same headache.

I appreciate the concern I've had from some folks, and I appreciate you trying to look out for me. Said this in PM and I'll say this here: please stop PMing and linking me to stuff like this. I don't want anything to do with these terrible people. I ignore their PMs and block their accounts, every time they create a new one. They sent another harassing PM to the FC modmail this morning from a new account. Linking me to their circle jerk just gives them the attention they want from me and us when other avenues didn't work.

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