Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Being Sued in Class Action Lawsuit for Not Properly Paying Employees

The guy (Bardenter X) suing got fired in Dec after he had some issue with one of the barbacks. This is what my coworker told me as I was off that day. They say he shoved one of them or something where he physically had touched him and someone had to separate them. Anyhow when I returned the next day I found out he got fired which I thought was crazy since he was a good bartender and really cared about his craft not so much the BS or Image the other workers try to put on. A girl server told me that one of the managers had asked her to submit an email of an earlier incident she had with the Bartender X in which she felt sexually harassed by him or something like that. I’m not sure what the harassment was but I know that it wasn’t a big issue until he was on strike 2. From what I would hear from convos after closing is that Bartender X would always complain about the way the GM would run things etc. after the fight with the bar back GM got Server girl to send email and now he had three strikes to fire him. There was a lot of drinking going on in this place and I won’t start about drugs lol I’m glad I got out of there before they tried to fire me

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