Little stuck

Based off of match history, there’s probably some things you can do to improve your laning.

Are you punishing enemies wasting cooldowns? Are you preventing falling behind by freezing if possible? Are you extending your lead by freezing to zone the opponent? Are your slow pushing and crashing waves when objectives are up like Rift especially? Are you invading with jungler if ahead? Do you have prio for crabs? Are your tracking enemy jungler?

Sorry for just spewing things out, but these are all things that most people can improve on (if you watch high elo gameplay, even they lack in these areas sometimes)

I won’t tell you to one trick but try to have 3-4 champions and learn every intricacy in the match ups. There are some interactions the are just essential (for example, Camille e and Quinn e, Urgot e and Gragas e, etc)

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