A local AD is losing their AD status on 1/1/22; I went in this morning on a whim, and this was the only Rolex they had in stock. It took me about 30 seconds to say "sold." Barring an unforeseen shipment in the next week, this is the last Rolex they will ever sell.

I understand the negative sentiment about jewelry purchases moving people up the list, but it's not always 'gold digging wives' and 'non-enthusiests' benefiting. Hell, my wife and I have similar incomes (so no gold-digging), she likes jewelry as much as I like watches, and who am I to put more import on either of those equally veblen interests? Like her interest isn't as 'enthusiast' as mine? It's freakin' luxury watches and jewelry, we're both being equally ridiculous when it gets down to it. So, I proposed that we buy her jewelry from the local jeweler that's also a Rolex AD; didn't demand it or anything, just explained the situation and she gets it, she knows the play. It helped that the Rolex AD happens to be a great jeweler too. It's fair to both of us, we both get what we want with stuff that would've been purchased regardless, so win-win in my personal experience. And, she's become a Rolex fan too, so we've bought her a first Rolex, which as an aside, doesn't hurt our

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