Logitech and other mouse companies are using switches rated for 5v/10mA at 3.3v/1mA, this leads to premature failure.

You can't suddenly just start adding arbitrary parameters to retroactively frame things in your favor.

I mean you can, as you plainly just did, but it only further erodes your credibility— so it isn't recommended.

For something you can go pick up off the shelf at a local Walmart/target/best buy it absolutely does.

Let's now hone in on the first part, though it is one of your arbitrary parameters and in no way furthers your claim that Razer "clobbers" anything


For something you can go pick up off the shelf...

What a dated and completely irrelevant concept from a contemporary standpoint. Brick-and-mortar has been dying a slow, agonizing death.

I'm not trying to disparage Razer, I'm using a Taipan I've had for nearly 7 years for shooters. It's a great mouse that I got for a great price back then.

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