Looking for feedback and to share my songs. Lots of synths used, mainly Prophet 6 and a couple Moogs.

Production overall is solid. You’ve got a lot of complementing synth tones and textures. Though the song writing seems a bit aimless at times. Lacking structure or direction or whatever you want to call it. You start “Made New“ off with this phenomenal hook that would make Post Malone and Justin Bieber jealous but then the listener has to wait 2 minutes to hear just a tease of that hook again. Why? Same track: guitar comes in around 2:45 but there’s mumbly vocals over it which diminish the impact of the vocals that come in at 3:05. Those vocals at 3:05 would’ve hit a lot harder, as would that guitar before it, if they’d been given the opportunity to shine individually.

Hope this has been constructive and not to disheartening. You’ve got skills. I suggest revisiting a more straightforward verse, chorus, verse, chorus format overall and leave some space for silence too. Don’t feel obligated to fill so much of the frequency spectrum at all times. Silence plays a big part as well. Leave the listener wanting things from your songs and then deliver it to them. All the best!

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