I get a LOT of retired boomers gloating about buying property for 30k and selling it for half a million. Do they not understand that they're making fun of their own kids?

Just fucking retire and to give the newer generations a chance!

This is a weird example but it's the closest I've ever gotten to maybe understanding:

I am really unnaturally good at exactly ONE video game, and simply do not care about any other game. I have tried plenty, and I just do not care.

Tons of people play the game I am good at, but many, many of them don't actually enjoy the game, and they are constantly struggling to afford all of the new in game items, whereas I will grind through mission after mission not because I wanted the money, but simply because I enjoy it. As a consequence, I have more in game currency than nearly any streamer or cheater I've seen. Every time new stuff comes out, I do a little research and mess around with it, but 90% of the time I don't buy in, telling myself I should save my money for the next thing.

At a certain point, I realized that people who have wealth in real life might be experiencing a very similar situation. They found something that they were good at and they just decided to keep doing it. They have no interest in anything else. Why would they want to retire when they can keep doing what they enjoy, and keep getting points for it to tell them that they're doing good at it.

Except, like... I actually have empathy, even in my extremely sociopathic murder game. I know that not everyone enjoys it or is as good at it, and I will share with them in any way I am able to. At least with a game, other people can choose to go play another game that they find more engaging - people can't really do that in real life.

I am absolutely unconvinced that any of these people are any smarter or harder working than the average person. Often they are simply very fortunate and were in the right place at the right time, but they have found something that gives them a sense of purpose. Seeing other people who were not as fortunate as them makes them feel like there must be something special and unique about them that makes them so good at this game, and if they actually shared any of their points with other people, those people wouldn't have the opportunity to work harder and "get better" at it.

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