”Luke felt responsible. He just...walked away from everything.”

You need to chill out.

No, you need to stop fucking lying.

I mean, that's exactly what Ben told Rey.

It's what Ben told Rey, but it's not what happened.

Like, I'm not sure why you have difficulty with this. Ben perceived his life to be in danger. Understandably so, but perception is not reality, and that's not what happened.

Luke was not trying to kill Ben, or Ben would be fucking dead. A Jedi does not fail to kill a defenseless "enemy" if they mean to do so. "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." This applies especially to very easy tasks like the one in question.

What happened is exactly what is shown to us as happening in the full reveal of the third scene. Luke has a brief impulse, ignites the saber, chooses not to use it. There's no purpose in this third, detailed, character-driven telling if it isn't the truth.

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