Personally when you first seen the last Jedi did you understand why Luke felt the way he left and you completely agree with his actions?

to me it felt contrived and unearned. It also didnt seem to fit what we have seen on screen with his character and failed to really show us why this guy who would have done anything for his friends was willing to let his friends die now. I know we saw him think about murdering his nephew, but that didnt seem enough to change a person's entire personality and ideology. He spent his whole life learning to be a jedi and trying to help his friends, and then his nephew throws a tantrum because he thought about murdering him and they are space wizards who can feel each others thoughts and intentions. And he didn't bother to go, oh, wow maybe things got out of hand and I let my thoughts and emotions get away with me. I should try to talk things out with my nephew and try to save him from becoming evil like my father did! actually, no Im just going to quit and blame everything on the idealogy I have followed my entire life. Some people liked it. I know. But I didn't buy it. And neither did Mark Hamill.

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